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When you are not treated kind.....

When your not treated kind by someone. It's hard. It's really hard.

It's so hard to not act out in the flesh with a heated word or witty come back but instead to let God intervene on your behalf.

We've all been there. Whether it's been a boss, a friend, a co-worker, or a loved one. Someone has mistreated you and sadly...is going to mistreat you again. They will misplace their insecurities onto you. They will tear you down, to build themselves up. They may say horrible things to you, lie about you, question your character, belittle you, or even ignore you completely.

You feel yourself shutting down, you feel upset, you feel powerless, and you want an apology. I encourage you to stop. Stop now.

The feelings of self doubt, sadness, fear, embarrassment....those are not of the Lord. God echoed to me, that he did not create me to cringe down behind hurt but to shine brighter in the face of adversity. God reminded me that In that moment of hurt, he would reward me double for my trouble.....IF I clinged to him, IF I danced in that storm, IF I believed, truly believed that he would handle the situation.

I encourage you today, to not allow someone to dictate your happiness, your livelihood, your emotions. You are the daughter/son of a KING that will provide for you leaps and bounds further than what you "think" you need or "think" you have to tolerate.

Those people may have earthly authority but God reigns far beyond that. No one can steal the joy God puts into your heart, no one can make you feel insecure without your authority, and no one can tear down what God created....which is you.

One of the most beautiful and sought after gifts in the world are diamonds. Diamonds just do not grow peacefully. Diamonds are made unique, beautiful, and shiny under immense pressure. God is using you and watching how you react when you are placed under pressures from others who may not treat you kind. Hang in there, Just like that diamond, God has a bright shiny future for you, to reward you for the pressure in which you have endured.



Hey girl hey! My name is Kacie Duncan.

I am many things but my favorite titles are: Christian, Wifey, Boy Mama, and Writer.

I write about what I know which is motherhood, balancing career and family, and mental wellness.

I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for the majority of my life. As I became an adult and the pressure of life became more intense I wasn't able to hide it anymore. I didn't know who I could talk to about this. As I looked around places like social media, I had a very difficult time finding people like me. Mental health, specifically anxiety, was not being talked about. I vowed that my experience would not be wasted and that I would focus on being an advocate, support person and light to people who experienced anxiety and panic attacks.

So, not only am I inspired by everyday life I am very passionate about sharing my personal stories of dealing with anxiety and sharing them in a vulnerable, genuine light. 

I hope you find this page helpful, inspiring, and even a little bit funny.

Happy Reading!


Kacie Duncan



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