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Revive & Thrive

Word for 2020: ⠀ Revive [verb] to return to life or become active again ⠀ My anxiety ramps up whenever I go non-stop. Life is busy. There is no way around hectic schedules, heavy work loads, or unexpected curveballs. ⠀ So this year I am making ME a priority. I am making time daily to revive myself. Fill myself with things that bring me joy. A walk outside to breathe in fresh air. Reading a few chapters of a funny book or talking with my best girlfriend for 30 minutes. ⠀ I can’t pour from any empty cup and neither can you. ⠀ Take time for yourself this year.



Hey girl hey! My name is Kacie Duncan.

I am many things but my favorite titles are: Christian, Wifey, Boy Mama, and Writer.

I write about what I know which is motherhood, balancing career and family, and mental wellness.

I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for the majority of my life. As I became an adult and the pressure of life became more intense I wasn't able to hide it anymore. I didn't know who I could talk to about this. As I looked around places like social media, I had a very difficult time finding people like me. Mental health, specifically anxiety, was not being talked about. I vowed that my experience would not be wasted and that I would focus on being an advocate, support person and light to people who experienced anxiety and panic attacks.

So, not only am I inspired by everyday life I am very passionate about sharing my personal stories of dealing with anxiety and sharing them in a vulnerable, genuine light. 

I hope you find this page helpful, inspiring, and even a little bit funny.

Happy Reading!


Kacie Duncan



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