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Letting you go to grow

One day I’ll have to step back from you.

In order for you to fly, I will have to fall back.

You see, right now I am the one who makes you laugh. I am the one who knows what to do to get you to stop crying. I am the one that knows you like the Dory band-aids instead of the Mickey Mouse ones when you get hurt.

I get you. I know you. You rely on me.

One day, which will come sooner than I like, you won’t need me like you do now.

I won’t be the one you come to for comfort. I won’t be the one that makes everything better. I won’t be your first choice to share all of your secrets with.

The job of a boy mama is temporary, it is not forever.

We don’t really get to stick around to be the BFF. Our job is to prepare you for something better.

Our jobs get hard on that day that you find the one that turns your whole world upside down because on that day, I will have to let you go.

You will tell me you love her. You will really try to impress her. You will give her all those adorable smiles and contagious laughs that once were all for mama.

You two will decide to commit to forever and we will have a glorious wedding. You will say your vows and just like that she is now your #1. She is priority. She is your everything.

That is my cue. My cue to let someone else be the most important woman in your life.

My prayer on that day is that I prepared you for this.

Everything I do right now is to make you a good person, a good man, and a good husband.

I pray that I taught you that a real man is tough but also tender. That he is courageous but also compassionate. That a real man listens to his wife and respects her. That he sees her as his partner.

Your relationship with your wife is the focus and we will adjust to our new normal. You will start to see me in a different light.

This will begin on the day you see your wife hold your newborn baby for the first time. You will be amazed at how her body handled the pain. You will begin to appreciate both your wife and I in a whole new way.

You will look at me differently when you see your wife become a mother and juggle relationships, motherhood, and work.

You will see how her heart grows, stretches, does backflips, and bursts with pride for your little one. Then you will understand just how I feel.

A whole new cycle of love begins.

I know that physically I have to let you go in order for you to grow, but my love will never ever waiver.

I know that I will one day, have a new place, and it won’t always be at your right hand side. But you will forever have a permanent seat in my heart.



Hey girl hey! My name is Kacie Duncan.

I am many things but my favorite titles are: Christian, Wifey, Boy Mama, and Writer.

I write about what I know which is motherhood, balancing career and family, and mental wellness.

I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for the majority of my life. As I became an adult and the pressure of life became more intense I wasn't able to hide it anymore. I didn't know who I could talk to about this. As I looked around places like social media, I had a very difficult time finding people like me. Mental health, specifically anxiety, was not being talked about. I vowed that my experience would not be wasted and that I would focus on being an advocate, support person and light to people who experienced anxiety and panic attacks.

So, not only am I inspired by everyday life I am very passionate about sharing my personal stories of dealing with anxiety and sharing them in a vulnerable, genuine light. 

I hope you find this page helpful, inspiring, and even a little bit funny.

Happy Reading!


Kacie Duncan



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