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Flourish in the failures

Flourish in the Failures

When I was about 8 years old I wanted so badly to be a Broadway star.

Oh yes, sister. 

I thought I was going to make it big.

It’s cute how kids don’t really fully understand the concept of completely humiliating themselves. 

I took my first step toward this goal by signing up to be in the Englewood Elementary drama club. Cue the word—sign up.

My first role was a poodle skirt-wearing angel in the school’s production of Grease. 

When I tell you I thought I had hit it big—I was seeing stars in my eyes and my name rolling on a big marquee in the Hollywood hills.

I got that first taste of the stage and was bit by the theatre bug. 

perform in the big leagues....in our neck of the woods, it was none other than the Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre. 

Honey I put in the work.

I got myself the best monologue on the block and practiced it until I could have recited it backward. 

You know me, I’m overdramatic about everything so I nailed that.

Now when it came to my song I sang, "Put on a happy face" at the top of my lungs.

It was bad. 

Like. Really. Bad. 

So bad that I’m surprised the windows didn’t shatter in our house and I didn’t drive my

parents to drink, or did I?

The comical thing is, I thought it actually

sounded great.

First of all, I didn’t know what singing in key was, still do not actually. 

Secondly, I sang LOUD and proud! I sang with my heart but not one bit of it sounded good.

I’m sure even our pet's ears were bleeding.

Oh, that singing. Sweet Lord how my parents didn’t laugh right in my face or how I didn’t bust their eardrums out. Or how they didn’t just say, “Baby, maybe acting isn’t for you”

But, they let me go.

So, there I went to the audition. I was sporting my favorite navy and yellow Limited Too outfit, feeling on top of the world. 

I felt confident and just knew I would make it.

But in reality, I sucked!!! 

I sang my heart out, I acted my heart out and when the time came to see if I made the play I walked my little self up to the window and discovered my name wasn’t on the list.

I was devastated. I continued working hard. I got voice lessons, piano lessons, and practiced monologues endlessly. I put in some serious work. 

But, the story never changed y’all. I tried out for two more plays and was met with no.

Even though my parents probably cringed every time I walked into an audition because they knew, I was not cut out for it, they let me go. They let me try. 

They allowed me one of the most valuable lessons you can give a child, which is to let them fail.

You need to flourish in your failures, so when the time is right you can soar in your success and do some humbly. 

Failing doesn’t feel good at the moment, in fact, it sucks. It stings. It bruises your ego.

But in the end, it is all of the fails that build character, perseverance, and strength.

So, as parents, may we vow to allow our kids to try lots of things, so they can fail lots of things, and turn into the most important things God created for them to be.




Hey girl hey! My name is Kacie Duncan.

I am many things but my favorite titles are: Christian, Wifey, Boy Mama, and Writer.

I write about what I know which is motherhood, balancing career and family, and mental wellness.

I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for the majority of my life. As I became an adult and the pressure of life became more intense I wasn't able to hide it anymore. I didn't know who I could talk to about this. As I looked around places like social media, I had a very difficult time finding people like me. Mental health, specifically anxiety, was not being talked about. I vowed that my experience would not be wasted and that I would focus on being an advocate, support person and light to people who experienced anxiety and panic attacks.

So, not only am I inspired by everyday life I am very passionate about sharing my personal stories of dealing with anxiety and sharing them in a vulnerable, genuine light. 

I hope you find this page helpful, inspiring, and even a little bit funny.

Happy Reading!


Kacie Duncan



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